Application Requirements

Application Requirements
Higher Diploma

A Certified Undergraduate Degree (Bachelor's Degree)
•    The degrees must be from an institution recognized by The Hashemite University.

•    Students with BA degrees can be admitted to the diploma program.

MA degree 

•    A BA degree obtained from an institution recognized by The Hashemite University where the studying is in regular attendance.

•    The BA degree must be in a related field that ensures the student’s ability to study the specialized filed. Some exceptions based on the opinion and the decision of the committee of the graduate studies may allow admitting students of other specialties. 

•    The student must get the required mark – assigned by The Ministry of Higher Education and the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions-   in the TOEFL, ILETS or the equivalent test. Those students who did not get the required mark can take two remedial courses in English language provided by the language center. Students have the chance to achieve the required mark during the first semester after admission.  

•    The student must obtain the prior approval of any institution that requires approval for studying at the university such as The Jordanian Armed Forces and the Public Security Department.

•    Non-Jordanian students must obtain the approval of their embassy or the cultural attaché if they require prior approval.

PhD degree 
•    BA degree obtained from an institution recognized by The Hashemite University with satisfactory rating, and an MA degree from an institution recognized by The Hashemite University with good rating.
•     proof that the student studied at the university in regular attendance. 
•    Both a BA and MA degrees related to the field to which the applicant is applying and which qualifies him/her to the specialized study of that field. 

-    Once admission has been made, you will receive an e mail from the graduate school.
-    If you have been accepted, you will receive an admission letter.
-    Once you receive the admission letter, you have to bring all the official documents to the graduate school admission department. 

Documents required from accepted students
1. A certified copy of the ID card.
2. The original birth certificate or a certified copy.
3. A copy of Jordanian males’ (born in 1989 onwards) military service booklet or a certificate of exemption.
4. A certified copy of the general secondary transcript. 
5. A certified copy of the BA transcript and certificate.
6. A certified copy of the diploma transcript. (If awarded)
7. A proof of English language. (The equivalent test or any language exam).
 8. A document to prove that the student is expected to graduate.(for students expected to graduate by the end of the first semester)
9. Documents showing the work experience, the publication, and community service.
10. The prior approval of ministries, institutions and cultural attachés that require the prior approval in order to allow the student’s enrollment and studying at the university.
11. 2 Personal photos (6*4).
12. The bank receipt obtained when paying the application fee. 

Non Jordanian students

In addition, the previously aforementioned required documents number (2, 4, 4, 8, 9, and 10), the following documents are also required from non-Jordanian students:
1. A certified copy of the passport.
2. The equivalence of the non-Jordanian certificates done by the ministry of higher education.  This students whose certificates are recognized by their countries and their educational institutions are excluded.   

Important notice
All the documents are non-returnable, and the fee is nonrefundable whether the student is accepted or not. 

Application dates  
Application for Fall and Spring semester shall be submitted based on an announcement posted on the university site for Jordanian and non-Jordanian students.