Intercalated Basic Medical Sciences

Intercalated Basic Medical Sciences


iBMS-JO is the first of its kind not only in Jordan but also in the MENA region, offering a iBSc degrees in BMS. Such degrees will significantly benefit medical students of high ability who are considering a career in Academia. In addition to gaining an understanding of the scientific principles that underpin modern medical practice, students will become skilled in a range of laboratory techniques, and experience the challenges of performing substantial laboratory research projects.

iBMS-JO will also allow students to make contacts that maybe valuable in their future career. Besides meeting the critical needs for basic medical scientists across the region, iBMS-JO will improve the professional networking between medical schools in JO and EU.



iBMS-JO aim at improving the capacity of all Medical Schools in Jordan in developing new programs in Basic Medical Sciences (BMS), in parallel to the currently available programs of Medicine and Surgery, and establishing local but interconnected Telemedicine Laboratories (TL).
The project aims at answering to the global health care schools challenges in providing graduates with iBSc degrees in BMS who can support these schools in providing well-qualified expertise in BMS. The shortage in the number of qualified faculty members in BMS is a global problem in general, and it is more challenging in the MENA region specifically, as most of students in the Medical Schools choose the clinical path, simply because it is the only path available. The increase in the number of health care schools in the MENA region imposes more pressure on the MENA countries to qualify more staff in BMS.
European countries have a long experience in providing iBSc programs, where in some EU HEIs, more than 75% of Medical Students choose the iBSc programs. Thus, the EU experience will be very important factor in the establishment of these programs and in developing the needed curricula.


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