Student Initiatives

1.Fund office initiatives
My university initiative 
My University initiative was established within the voluntary entrepreneurship program at the King Abdullah II Fund for Career Guidance, and the aim of its establishment was to form a student initiative distributed over all the university's faculties and departments and to promote the values of voluntary work, self-denial, and integration into the community.

2.‘Never Try It’ initiative: 
This is an initiative that aims to educate young people and students about the dangers of drugs and how to prevent their spread.

3.‘Seven by Seven’ Campaign for first aid and rescue 
In view of the natural disasters and traffic accidents that led to many losses in Jordan, this initiative was launched to train a group of Hashemite University students on first aid, rescue methods, and ways to avoid diseases.

4.Hope stings initiative
This initiative aims to decorate the main entrance of the university tunnel through beautiful and expressive paintings.