Cultural and Artistic Excellence

Driven by the university’s interest to invest in creativity and employ it in supporting student activities, the Deanship of Student Affairs opens its doors for outstanding students in the various fields of culture and arts to compete for obtaining seats approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. This competition is conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions that make the student’s talent the opportunity to get admitted to the university through the portal of cultural and artistic excellence.

In view of the importance we attach to talented people and in line with the development witnessed by the world, we at the Department of Cultural and Artistic Activity / Deanship of Student Affairs are always trying to offer suggestions to add new, non-traditional creative fields, leading to creativity that serves the country and the university. In addition, we provide all forms of support and development to cultivate these talents, starting with the specialized technical staff that constantly provides training and development simulating students, making it easy for them to employ their capabilities, and enhancing their creativity. Moreover, we offer fully equipped halls for music, drawing, and handicrafts. There are also multi-purpose halls and tools and supplies for all student activities.