Campus facilities

The Hashemite University is dedicated to creating an enriching environment for its students by offering a diverse range of campus facilities. We emphasize the array of services that enhance the holistic development of our university community. These facilities have been thoughtfully selected and arranged to cater to the diverse needs of our student body, encompassing everything from exceptional food and beverage options to spaces for intellectual exploration, social engagement, support for various identities, and areas for spiritual reflection. These services play a crucial role in fostering social and intellectual exchanges, nurturing diversity, and fostering a sense of unity within our university community.
On the university campus, numerous food halls and cafeterias offer a diverse selection of affordable food options accessible to all students. These venues serve as social hubs, fostering interaction and idea exchange, thereby enriching campus life. The menus are thoughtfully crafted to accommodate various tastes while ensuring nutritional balance for students and staff alike.

Restaurants  and Cafeterias


At The Hashemite University, bookstores serve as vital hubs to enhance academic and cultural life on campus. These bookstores are designed to meet the needs of both students and faculty, reflecting the university's commitment to providing a rich and stimulating learning environment. Here's an overview of these facilities:
Book Diversity: Libraries and bookstores provide abundant access to a wide range of diverse books covering various academic fields. They not only focus on curriculum but also aim to promote cultural interaction and dialogue among students.
Study Spaces: Libraries and bookstores offer quiet and suitable spaces for studying and research. These spaces are designed to provide an environment conducive to focus and effective learning.
Electronic Resources: Libraries and bookstores offer a range of electronic resources, such as academic databases and e-books, to provide easy and efficient access to information.
Support for Cultural Activities: Libraries and bookstores are vibrant places for cultural and literary activities. Their presence allows hosting cultural events such as seminars, exhibitions, and literary activities.

Bookstores: There are dedicated bookstores on campus, contributing to providing an additional source for obtaining course materials and academic references.

Social Rooms:
In recognition of the importance of enhancing social bonds and engagement outside the classroom, The Hashemite University offers a variety of social interaction halls. These spaces are carefully designed to encourage students to relax, collaborate on projects, and participate in social interactions. Equipped with recreational facilities, these halls become vibrant centers contributing to promoting general well-being and enhancing relationships among students.

cultural Communication Halls

Seminar and Training Hall

Singing, Music, and Instrument Hall

Art Exhibition Hall


Support Center for Minority Groups:
The Hashemite University is a leader in promoting and implementing the concepts of diversity and inclusivity, hosting a specialized center to support minority groups. The center provides psychological and social support services, offering a safe space for students to express their needs. Through its commendable efforts, it encourages communication and understanding among students from different cultures, organizing events and workshops that enhance awareness and promote inclusivity and positive interaction within the campus.


Services for People with Disabilities and the Visually Impaired:
Support services for people with disabilities and the visually impaired encompass a diverse range of needs, including physical, auditory, visual impairments, as well as learning difficulties and autism spectrum disorders. These services include assistive devices such as font-enlarging devices for visually impaired students, speech devices for blind and visually impaired students, as well as Braille printers and Perkins printers for blind students.


Religious Facilities:
The Hashemite University values and respects the diverse religious beliefs of its student body. To meet the needs of various religious practices, the campus provides dedicated religious facilities. These places serve as peaceful sanctuaries for prayer, meditation, and communal worship, enhancing an environment where students can express their faith and practice their beliefs harmoniously within the university community at large.



Other Facilities:
Other facilities under the Student Affairs Deanship at The Hashemite University include a theater and a main hall for hosting various events, in addition to a bank and other electronic services, such as Jordan Post (Jordanian Postal Service).

Main Deanship Theater


Main Seminar Hall




Jordan Post Office


The Art Studio:
The art studio at the Student Affairs Deanship at The Hashemite University includes a hall equipped with all the necessary tools for drawing. It is available to all students to express their artistic talents.