About the center

Clinical Skills Education and Testing Center
One of the distinctive foundations of the Faculty of Medicine at Hashemite University is the state-of-the-art Clinical Skills Education and Testing Center (CSETC). The facility delivers a high-level training program for medical students and other healthcare professionals utilizing the latest technology.  It is equipped to support and train clinical skills in a safe environment that will equip future doctors to provide excellent patient-centered care. 


The Reason for Establishing the Center 
There is currently a gap in medical education between knowledge-based teaching and the practical skills required for a newly qualified health professional. Therefore, the integration of simulation-based learning into the medical curriculum enhances future professional performance, attitudes and the reduction of medical errors. Many studies have shown that simulation-based learning is one of the best ways to develop a health professionals’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  The center provides a safe, standardized and protected environment for repetitive practice with high quality medical feedback.  This enables the student to practice essential clinical skills and procedures without causing undue distress to real patients. During the first three years of basic medical sciences we simultaneously teach five different modules before the medical student transitions into their clinical rotations during their fourth, fifth and sixth clinical years.