Vision & Mission

The vision of the Office is to establish a distinguished reputation and constitute a legal reference for the presidency, faculties, centers, units and departments.

Reviewing and auditing legal transactions, providing financial and administrative consultations, and preparing local, Arab and international agreements/ Memorandums of understanding to serve all faculties, centers, units and departments, in a manner that commensurate with the interest of the university in addition to achieving efficiency in providing services.

-    Providing accurate and fast legal consultations to the decision makers at the university.
-    Improving the legal environment for the faculties, centers, units and departments.
-    Developing the skills of employees in the Legal Affairs Office
-    Auditing the legal procedures followed in all the university’s internal, local and international transactions.

Our Tasks
- Studying draft laws, regulations, instructions and decisions entrusted to the office by the university presidency, auditing them, giving consultations, amending their provisions and reformulating them in a manner that suits the interest of the university.
- Following up the legal procedures of the investigation committees and disciplinary boards at the university and checking their compliance with the university's regulations, instructions and issued decisions.
- Updating and developing the university legislation and proposing new draft regulations and proposing modifications of any existing legislation.
- Giving consultations on the legal advice presented by the president of the university related to facilities in the cases occurred during the course of internal work, in the difference between views and jurisprudence, in matters related to tasks and powers, and the difference in the application of legal texts.
- Drafting some university organizational decisions and instructions and placing them in the appropriate legal framework at the request of the president.
- Preparing draft contracts and agreements concluded by the university with other parties
- Coordinating with the university's lawyer on university issues, and preparing and arranging the required files.
- Any other related tasks with issues of a legal nature.
- Activating the decisions issued by the Jordanian courts in various fields, especially the Supreme Court of Justice, and saving them on the computers of the office in order to benefit from them in any case that may be presented to the office if necessary.