Faculty of Educational Sciences aims at becoming a pioneering model in integrating (1) teaching and learning, (2) advancing the knowledge base through research and culture, and (3) assuming a leadership role in delivering services and reaching others. The Faculty also aims to be a pioneer in preparing professionals who provide the community with exemplary educational and leadership services related to improving the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.


The Hashemite University’s long history of complementing and integrating free mental education in the arts and sciences with preparation for life-long living lies at the core of the college’s mission. We in the Faculty of Educational Sciences realize and understand that limited and narrow preparation for the profession only leads to one thing: narrow-mindedness.

In today's complex world, the best education is one that prepares students for unexpected situations by fostering creativity, flexibility, curiosity and creativity. This requires an education that is rooted in the traditions of education with a liberal mindset and responsive to the world’s special challenges and characteristic of this twenty-first century.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences is committed to helping students learn how to face the challenges of our times, locally and globally, by creating opportunities inside and outside the classroom to better prepare students for responsible citizenship.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences embodies the mission of the Hashemite University: “preparing loyal men and women who are not only technically qualified in the fields of their professional specialties, but also preparing lifelong learners who have a broad and insightful vision, and pledge loyalty to their homeland, their nation and their country. And sincerity and dedication to the basic values ??of human life."