Vision and Mission 

Our Vision 

Leading the academic development and expanding the culture of quality towards excellence in performance


Our Mission 

Providing outstanding support for the academic development of faculty members, quality assurance and accreditation of academic programs, improving the university's global ranking, expanding cooperation and partnerships with international universities, and facilitating international capacity building projects



  • Quality and excellence in performance: The Deanship measured its performance by applying high-level standards that meets its high expectations and the pursuit of excellence through our commitment to the highest intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation.
  • Teamwork: The Deanship believes that work coherently towards achieving goals, create a positive work atmosphere, and supporting team members is the basis for developing individual capabilities and enhancing team performance. 
  • Diversity and creativity at work: The Deanship believes in the importance of a diversity of skills, experiences, and perspectives which each member can present to the team, develop, evaluate, and promote.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The Deanship is firmly committed to presenting its thoughts and ideas to society and scholars to measure the extent of its contributions to quality management towards excellence, as we believe that communicating openly and honestly and constantly sharing knowledge is the way to success.



  • Staff academic development department
  • Accreditation, quality assurance, and qualifications framework department
  • International outreach department