Master Programs

1- Climate Change and Arid Land Sustainability.
This program focuses on introducing the recent environmental problems to students, help them understand the risk attained from the climate change and degraded lands in arid and semi-arid climates. The program focuses on solving the challenging environmental problems through adaption measures to climate change, reclamation of degraded lands, maintaining the biodiversity, sustainability of agriculture and rangelands through scientific research and solving real world problems though exploiting the learned lab skills, analysis procedures and employment of geographic information systems, and remote sensing techniques to study spatial and temporal phenomena.

2- Environmental Sciences
The Master's degree in Environmental Sciences comes as a supplement to the Bachelor's degree, in which the student is introduced to many areas of environmental sciences such as environmental management, air pollution, and uses of geographic information systems in the environmental field.
The specialization is distinguished by its isolation at the local and regional level by being the only department that offers various and unique courses concerned with studying environmental problems and providing appropriate solutions to them.
The department is also closely related to the local community by completing scientific research that helps solve many problems related to water, environment, and pollution, especially in Zarqa Governorate, which suffers from problems of air, soil, surface and ground pollution.

3- Applied geology
In this specialization, the student will get acquainted in an extensive and detailed manner with the applied side of geology in practical life, as distinguished courses are taught at the level of Jordanian universities in various fields such as advanced hydrogeology, basin analysis, advanced engineering geology and advanced petroleum geology.