BCs Programs

1- Land management and Environment
This program was developed in the department is to focus on soil - plant - atmosphere systems, with emphasis on physical, chemical, microbiological processes in soils, landuse/cover, land management and biodiversity. Different aspects of challenged environmental problems were given attention such as emphasis also on environmental pollution, waste management/ reuse, and soil/ groundwater remediation. This program equips the students/graduates with different lab skills necessary to solve real world problems related to land use and sustainable management of water, fertilizers, and pesticides.

2- Water and Environment Management
The Department of Water and Environment Management was established at the beginning of the academic year (1999) with the aim of building an academic program at the bachelor’s level aimed at graduating scientific cadres who would participate in studying environmental problems locally and providing solutions to them.
It also aims to supply the local and Arab market with specialized competencies in the fields of planning, management and development of water resources and preserving the environment in its various elements.
The department is distinguished by its isolation at the local and regional levels by being the only department that offers various and unique courses concerned with studying environmental problems and providing appropriate solutions to them.
The department is also closely linked with the local community through the completion of scientific research that helps solve many problems related to water, environment and pollution, especially in Zarqa Governorate, which suffers from problems of air, soil, surface and groundwater pollution.

3- Geology and Environment
The Earth Science major program is a flexible course of instruction for students desiring a broad understanding of the earth and environmental processes. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and offers students an opportunity to select approved courses from several science departments, including Geosciences, Engineering, Biological Sciences, Geography, Chemistry, and Physics. Courses are selected in consultation with the earth science advisor to design programs that are tailored to the individuals’ needs and professional objectives. Elective courses must be approved by the advisor.