1.  Engineering Workshops

The Faculty of Engineering is responsible for running engineering workshops, which include:
- Carpentry Workshop
- Electrical Wiring & Installation Workshop.
- Heating & Pipe Fitting workshop.
- Metal Cutting Workshop.
- Sheet Metal Workshop.
- Sand Casting Workshop (foundry).
- Welding Workshop. 

2. Computer Laboratories:
The Faculty of Engineering had two computer laboratories. These labs are available to all students,

faculty, and staff. Each lab computer has access to popular software for Internet access, document

editing with Microsoft Office, statistical analysis, and multimedia editing. All labs have one or more

black-and-white laser printers.

a. E1048 Computer Lab.: Available services include 140 computers and 4 laser printers; the
           lab operates 8am-5pm daily.

b. E2079 Computer Lab.: Available services include 186 computers and 6 laser printers; the
           lab operates 8am-5pm daily.

c. Scientific Laboratories:
d. Civil Engineering Department laboratories:

- Engineering Drawing-Classical Lab.
- Engineering Drawing-AutoCAD Lab.
- Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory.
- Engineering Geology Laboratory.
- Environmental Engineering Laboratory.
- Highway Engineering Laboratory.
- Surveying Laboratory.
- Construction Materials Laboratory.
- Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory. 
e. Mechanical Engineering Department laboratories:

- Vibration Lab.
- Fluid Mechanics Lab.
- Heat Transfer Lab.
- Automatic control lab.
- Thermodynamics lab.
- Internal Combustion Engine Lab.
- Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
- Renewable Energy Lab.
- Strength of material Lab.

f. Industrial Engineering Department laboratories:

- Properties of materials lab.
- Manufacturing lab.
- Metrology lab.
- Ergonomics and human factors lab.
- CAD / CAM lab.
- Manufacturing CNC Lab.

g. Electrical Engineering Department laboratories:

- Electrical Circuits Lab.
- Electronics Lab.
- Communications-I Lab.
- Instrumentation and Control Lab.
- Electrical Machines Lab.
- Interactive Learning Lab.
- Electrical and Electronics Lab.
h. Mechatronics Engineering Department laboratories:

- Automation Lab.
- Control Lab.
- Robotics Lab.
- Transducers and Interfacing Lab.
- Microcomputers and Interfacing Lab.

i. Biomedical Engineering Department laboratories:

- Biomedical Instrumentation Lab.
- Biomedical Transducers Lab.
- Biomedical Imaging Lab.
- Biomedical Computer Simulation Lab.
- Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) lab.
j. Computer Engineering Department laboratories:

- Microprocessor Lab.
- Digital Logic Lab.
- Software Lab
- Computer Maintenance Lab
- Incubator Lab 
- Network (CISCO) Lab
k. Architectural Engineering Department laboratories:

- Modeling lab.
- Acoustic lab.
- AutoCAD.
- GIS lab.
- Building construction lab.