HU - Sustainability Committee


To make Hashemite University a leader in sustainability by encouraging everyone on campus to care for the environment, support social well-being, and use resources wisely. We strive to bring sustainability into everyday life at the university, foster innovative solutions for global challenges, and show how small actions can make a big difference. Together, we are working towards a greener, more sustainable future.



Develop and Implement Sustainability Policies and Practices:

    • Create comprehensive sustainability guidelines for campus operations, including waste management, energy use, water conservation, and procurement practices.
    • Implement green building standards for all new construction and major renovations.

Promote Sustainable Education and Research:

    • Integrate sustainability into the curriculum across all departments, encouraging interdisciplinary research and learning on sustainability challenges.
    • Support and fund sustainability-focused research projects, workshops, and conferences.

Campus and Community Engagement:

    • Organize awareness campaigns, workshops, and events to promote sustainability within the university and the wider community.
    • Partner with local organizations, businesses, and governments to promote sustainability initiatives and community service projects.

Monitoring, Reporting, and Communication:

    • Establish a system for tracking and reporting on sustainability metrics, including energy consumption, waste reduction, and carbon footprint.
    • Regularly communicate progress and achievements in sustainability to all university stakeholders through newsletters, reports, and social media.

Sustainability in Campus Life:

    • Encourage sustainable transportation options, including bike-sharing programs, carpooling initiatives, and public transit partnerships.
    • Promote the use of campus gardens, green spaces, and biodiversity projects to enhance the ecological value of the campus.

Resource Management and Energy Efficiency:

    • Implement energy-saving initiatives, such as LED lighting, solar energy projects, and energy-efficient appliances and systems.
    • Advocate for the responsible use of resources, promoting recycling, composting, and the reduction of single-use plastics on campus.

Sustainability Leadership and Collaboration:

    • Act as a liaison between the university, students, and external organizations to foster collaborations that advance sustainability goals.
    • Recognize and reward individuals and departments within the university that make significant contributions to sustainability efforts.



Committee Chair

Prof. Mohammad El-Mashaleh, Vice President for Planning, Development, Quality and International Outreach


Prof. Awni Itrada, Vice President for Financial and Administration Affairs

Prof. Wasfi Al Rawabdeh, Vice President for Humanitarian Colleges Affairs

Prof. Mahmoud Smadi, Dean, Deanship of Academic Development and International Outreach

Bassil Al Mashaqba, Director of Councils Secretariat