National Accreditation

The Hashemite University exerts all efforts to meet the standards of the Higher Education Accreditation Commission and follow through its requirements to achieve progress and success for all academic programs. This, in turn, reflects upon the quality of the university graduates, local and international competition, access to appropriate job opportunities and the skills of its students. The Hashemite University is one of the most prestigious international universities that meet the needs of the major academic programs and cover all areas of knowledge within the limit of the capacity specified by commissions of accreditation. The Hashemite University is considered one of the first Jordanian universities that have obtained the National Accreditation for all of its undergraduate programs and most of its postgraduate programs. The university is in the final stage to obtain the National Accreditation for the rest of the proposed graduate programs.


 National Accreditation Guide:

Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance Guide/ Part 1

Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance Guide/ Part 2