Health Services

The center was established in 1995, and it includes three general medicine clinics and four specialist clinics. The center is equipped with a medical laboratory for conducting initial medical examinations and some advanced medical examinations. It is also equipped with a radiology unit that for conducting radiography in addition to a pharmacy that provides the center with medical supplies. The center also includes an emergency unit for providing first aid for emergency cases, in addition to other medical services provided to serve university students and employees. 

Center objectives: 
- Providing medical and health services to university students and employees. 
- Providing education and training for students of faculties of Medicine, Nursing and Applied Health Sciences at various academic levels.
- Spread health awareness in the medical field at various levels.
- Proving support for scientific research by creating a comprehensive database for those with health insurance.
- Coordination with the College of Medicine to hold courses that contribute to raising the level of doctors working at the national level.
- Work with the concerned authorities to serve the local community by offering free medical days and other activities.