Engineering Club

A student club that provides developmental, scientific, technical, cultural, and social work through a number of classroom and extra-curricular activities and programs for students interested in the university, during their university studies, with the aim of building them as integrated engineering figures.

Club Tasks:
1- Building educational and life experience among university students.
2- Giving students the opportunity to practice non-academic activities that help them integrate into the university community.
3- Providing rich development opportunities that contribute to understanding how to work through groups that help refine their skills in a practical way, such as communication, teamwork and leadership, through which their energies are discovered and invested.
4-The club is interested in developing students' skills and talents through training courses and workshops, carrying out work in activities, and meetings in which educational and community awareness programs are presented and external visits to get acquainted with the specialized engineering institutions.
5- Holding meetings to present engineering activities, educational programs, and community awareness.
6-Holding seminars, courses and exhibitions specialized in various engineering fields.

1- Investing the students' energies, talents and abilities and employing them in the best way to make him an active element and a valid building block in his society and country.
2- Developing the personal aspects and personal skills needed to build an advanced engineering society and building integrated engineering figures.
3-Providing the student with the specialized information he needs in the labor market outside the framework of the classroom curriculum.
4-Fostering excellence and creativity to reach students with a high degree of competence supported with science and knowledge.
5-Providing an organized student body to facilitate the task of communicating with the engineering and industrial business sector locally and regionally.
6-Promoting the concept of national economic priorities for students to direct their skills, including the priority of energy in the homeland, especially, renewable energy, in order to raise awareness.
7-Awareness of the applied engineering fields, including the fields of energy and its renewal, and how to make use of natural resources in power generation.
8-Raising awareness in theory and practice of engineering methods for rationalizing consumption in society
9- Promote the concept of technical education among students of the College of Engineering and the rest of the colleges