Media club

Media club:
The message:  To rehabilitate university students to develop the skills of using modern media and their capabilities in the fields of media and photography.

Vision :
To take advantage of the distinguished university students to produce various media programs in different languages and methods, with training and development, to spread the university’s message throughout the world with the latest means, in addition to developing photographic talents with the latest means and methods.

Objectives :
1- Holding various training courses in the field of media and photography
2- Qualifying members through active participation in managing the club's tasks
3- Participating in various university activities
4- Producing various materials in multiple languages and disseminating them through social networks

Club Activities:
1-     Establishing a graphic design course using the Photoshop program.
2- Implementing a montage course using Premiere program.
3- Implementation of the Media Club electronic pages management course.