Research Areas

Department of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutical Technology

Prof. Nizar Al-Zoubi
•    Controlled release of drugs from solid dosage forms.
•    Matrix systems prepared by direct compaction or via spray drying and other different techniques 
•     Multilayer tablets for release programming
•     Solid-state modification and evaluation of pharmaceutical materials

Dr. Saja Hamed
•    Pre-formulation and formulation studies for optimization of drugs and skin care products
•    Non-invasive claim substantiation of drugs and skin care products using bioengineering techniques.
•    formulation and process factors affecting in vitro/in vivo performance of drugs and skin care products
•    Formulation and quality control of Dead Sea products particularly Dead Sea mud.
•    Support cosmetic industry in the Middle East and help them comply with the required regulation for registering and marketing their cosmetics.
•    Assessment and development of new skin depigmenting agents especially tyrosinase inhibitors derived from natural sources
•    Provide evidence-based practice for the folkloric use of local herbs in skin related disorders through the use of cultured human skin cells. 

Dr. Muna Oqal
•    Tumour hypoxia and manipulation of tumour oxygenation for therapeutic benefit
•    Anti-cancer drug discovery for bioreductive drugs and conjugate polymers (experimental oncology and therapeutics)
•    Enzyme-directed drug activation for specific tumour therapy 

Dr. Areen Shwayat
•    Intranasal drug delivery 
•    Nanoparticle-based delivery systems 
•    Electrospun nanofibers for drug delivery

Dr. Tamara Athamneh
•    Preparation and evaluation of nanoparticles and nanoporous microparticles for drug delivery application.

Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Iman Mansi
•    Cloning, point mutations and biological activities of human enzymes
•    Natural and chemical compounds as enzyme inhibitors

Dr. Inaam Al-Momani
•    Neurology and neurological diseases

Dr. Abdelrahim Alqudah
•    Endothelial dysfunction associated with diabetes

Dr. Rawan Abu Dalu
•    Cardiovascular remodeling associated with diabetes

Dr. Mohannad Odeh
•    Clinical and economical impact of innovative medicines management services

Dr. Heba Khader
•    The effect of high glucose on endothelial dysfunction

Dr. Amjad Al-rosan
•    The role of ABC lipid transporters in the development of cardiovascular diseases and some cancers.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. Nabil Al-Hashimi
•    Developing and validating a simple, sensitive, rapid, inexpensive and environmentally friendly microextraction technique for the simultaneous extraction, purification and preconcentration of different types of drugs and their metabolites from the patient’s urine and plasma samples. 
•    Determination of high toxic compounds (mycotoxins) in food samples based on using novel microextraction techniques.

Dr. Rand Shaheen
•    Molecular modeling studies towards the discovery and design of new biologically active compounds employing novel studies focused on pharmacophore modeling, 3D-QSAR and traditional QSAR models and in-silico screening. These efforts include development of novel molecular modeling strategies of enhanced success rates. Particular interests in developing new agents against cardiovascular diseases
•    Synthetic modifications of natural and synthetic promising hits
•    Plant extraction
•    Pharmaceutical analytical and instrumental analysis of various synthetic compounds.