A qualitative launch for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Hashemite University... opening a pioneering center for applied research... a simulator pharmacy... and a laboratory for a spectroscopic analysis device.
The President of the Hashemite University, Professor Dr. Fawaz Al-Abdul Haq, inaugurated the first in a unique trilogy for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences by opening the pioneering center for applied academic research in therapeutic care management and patient service, equipped in cooperation with the Jordanian-Swedish Company for Medical Products and Sterilization (JOSUI), and the simulator pharmacy equipped in cooperation with the Family Pharmacies Group and a pharmaceutical warehouse. Al-Iman, and the spectroscopic analysis laboratory, which is supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the Hashemite University.
The opening was held with the participation of a large number of representatives of the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sectors, the Pharmacists Syndicate, the Food and Drug Administration, Medical Services, the Pharmaceutical Store Owners Association, and the International Pharmaceutical Companies Association. In the presence of the Director General of the Food and Drug Administration, Professor Dr. Nizar Mhaidat, the Head of the Syndicate of Pharmacists, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ababneh, the Director of the Drug and Supply Department in Medical Services, Dr. Aisha Al-Khalayleh, the Vice Presidents, the Deans of Colleges, and the Directors of Centers, Units, and Departments at the University.
Dr. Al-Zaboun stressed during the opening that the Hashemite University is one of the first universities that always strives for leadership, innovation and creativity. This triple opening is a qualitative launch for the College of Pharmacy from a pioneering center, a simulator pharmacy, and a laboratory for a spectroscopic device, which is the first pioneering scientific launch for the university, which has become comparable to the finest Arab and international universities with its scientific reputation. Research and academic, it is the pioneer in creating qualitative projects and ideas that advance society and is the first of its kind locally and has become a tangible applied reality.

Dr. Al-Zaboun explained that the Hashemite University is undertaking more general brilliance and success for the university and for the College of Pharmacy in light of the recent brilliant achievements of the College of Pharmacy, including the opening of a distinguished master’s program in the College of Pharmacy, the placement of national qualifications, and the great expansion in the quality and number of laboratories, in addition to the great success in the training file. Specialization, raising the efficiency of education outcomes, measuring employment indicators, success in leading pioneering pharmaceutical projects in cooperation with various community institutions, and increasing pride in the active role of the pioneering center at the local and national levels, and the extension of successes to the Arab and global levels.
The Dean of the College, Professor Dr. Saja Hamed, stated that the Hashemite University, represented by the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, has been distinguished by activating a pioneering model in the study of pharmacy that mimics the latest international models in Britain and Australia. In the final year of study, students head towards the specialized track that suits their capabilities, efficiency, and the needs of the local and Arab market. Three tracks were created: the Administrative Pharmacy track, the Industrial and Cosmetic Pharmacy track, and the Community Pharmacy track. The simulator pharmacy was opened to be a general applied model for pharmacy and Especially in the community pharmacy track, including regular, traditional skills and advanced skills, including digital classification of medications, electronic transactions for patients and their records, insurance management programs, and cloud computing in managing medical files.
Dr. Hamed also spoke during the opening of the mass spectrometry analysis laboratory, which is the first of its kind in Jordan, stating that this laboratory serves many sectors, including the pharmaceutical, food, and environmental industries, in addition to many other applications in sports, forensic medicine, addiction treatment centers, and others, and measures This mass spectrometer (LC-MS Shimadzu 9050), which was developed by the Japanese company Shimadzu, is concerned with measuring mass with extreme accuracy while maintaining high speed and stability.
The Director of the Pioneer Center for Applied Academic Research in Therapeutic Care Management and Patient Service, Professor Dr. Muhannad Odeh, also spoke that this center is the first of its kind within the pharmacy sector in Jordan for empowerment and building leadership capabilities in Jordan. The center undertakes a number of qualitative strategic partnerships with prestigious international universities such as Queen's Universities Belfast, Strathclyde, Liverpool in Britain, and San Diego in America. The Center and partners also provide training scholarships directed to Jordanian leaders in the field of personal empowerment and promoting self-development. At the Arab level, the Center plays an active role in establishing the Arab Pharmaceutical Board and the annual exam for pharmacists within the Union of Arab Pharmacists. And pioneering partnerships with universities and relevant institutions in sisterly Arab countries.
At the end of the opening, honorary shields were handed over to the supporters of the center and the simulated pharmacy.