Recent Activities...


* The President of The Hashemite University, Prof. Fawaz Al-Abdel-Haq Al-Zboon, during a visit to the Faculty of Science to inspect the maintainence of its various buildings. The president also visited the building of the Department of Mathematics in its new headquarters. 

* The President of The Hashemite University, Prof. Fawaz Al-Abdel-Haq Al-Zboon, during a meeting with the members of the Faculty of Science Council of the Hashemite University, emphasized the important role of a faculty member in building human beings, noting that the relationship that a student has with his teacher is a learning relationship with affection, because affection is the basis for learning, noting that this meeting comes within the framework of enhancing communication between the university's Administration and Faculty members in different academic and administrative fields. 



* As part of periodical maintainence programs in the faculty, the gas cylinders in the research and teaching laboratories in the Department of Chemistry were all checked and fastened to walls using steel chains, whereas the fume hoods were maintained and re-painted.