Language Requirements for Students Applying for a Postgraduate Program at the  Hashemite University
• It is required from all students applying to a postgraduate program to present a proof of English language proficiency through one of the following exams (TOEFL, ILETS, the equivalent test conducted at the university).
• In case of not succeeding one of the previously mentioned exams, the student can take two remedial courses (6 hours) but must successfully complete them in the first semester after admission. Due to the Covid -19 pandemic the period is extended to two semesters.
• Students can take the test while they are studying the two remedial courses.
• Students who took the test previously as an admission requirement for a postgraduate program at any Jordanian university will not be required to present a test result if they want to apply for the PHD or another MA PROGRAM.

The passing grade for each specialty is the following:


Required Grade



Medicine , dentistry, Pharmaceutical sciences , veterinary medicine, Engineering (all fields) , English Language (literature, linguistics , translation, teaching methodology)


Scientific fields , MBA


Humanities (excluding English Language and MBA)