Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science Council

The faculty council is a body that convenes to discuss and decide on issues concerning faculty academic and administrative affairs. Members of the board for academic year 2023/2024 are as follow:

- Dr. Waed Abdel Razzaq Yousef Ensour/ Dean

- Dr. Ahmad Abed Alla Mohammad Alhusban/ Vice Dean

- Dr. Hashem Abed Allah Sowan Al-Shurafat/ Vice Dean

- Dr. Ala' Ghaleb Mahmood Bashayreh / Department Of Economics Chairman.

- Dr. Munther Barakat Kamel Al-Nimer/ Department of Accounting Chairman.

- Dr. Mohammad Issa U'wais Alhusban/ Department of Business Administration Chairman.

- Dr. Ibrahim Naser Ibrahim Khatatbeh/ Department of Banking and Financial Sciences Chairman.

- Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Fadel Alta'any/ Department of Accounting Representative.

- Dr. Rasha Moh'd Said Amin Istaiteyeh/ Department of Economics Representative.

- Dr. Laith Abdulraheem Ahmad Almaqableh/ Department of Banking And Financial Sciences Representative.

- Dr. Khalid Mahmoud Helal Eyoun/ Department of Business Administration Representative.