Faculty of Science Council:

Faculty Council for the academic year 2023/2024 :- 



 Prof. Dr. Mohammad Wedyan


 Prof. Dr. Ayman A. Issa

 Vice Dean

 Prof. Dr. Esam Y. Qnais

 Vice Dean

 Prof. Dr. Mustafa Abu Shawish

 Chairperson of Mathematics Department

 Prof. Dr. Muhannad Masa’deh 

 Chairperson of Biology and Biotechnology   Department 

 Dr. Jafar Abdel-Ghani

 Acting chairperson of Chemistry Department

 Dr. Mohammed Momani

 Acting chairperson of Basic Sciences   Department

 Dr. Adel Shahin

 Acting chairperson of Physics  Department

 Prof. Dr.  Mufeid Mughrabi

 Representative Member of Physics   Department

 Dr. Zeyad Maqableh

 Representative Member of Mathematic   Department

 Dr. Lo’ay Momani

 Representative Member of Chemistry   Department

 Dr. Abdel-Salam Jahmani

 Representative Member of Biology and Biotechnology   Department 

 Ms. Hutaf Natoreyah

 Representative Member of Basic Sciences   Department