Industry Outreach

The university campus is the training ground for future professionals and technicians. It is,  as well, the source of innovative technologies. The Faculty of Engineering at the Hashemite University is focuses on research and technology transfer as well as community services. This is accomplished through the Faculty departments, centers and developing partnership with the industrial sectors in Jordan, which contributes to supporting individuals and institutions.
Therefore, it is important to establish and maintain a strong link between the Faculty of Engineering and the local community, which is the primary role of the industry unit in the Faculty of Engineering. The unit will enable the industry sectors and service enterprises to benefit from the research capabilities and the practical experiences of the faculty members and professionals in the Faculty. The industry unit will coordinate field visits to industrial establishments and perform studies and scientific research. Thus, the unit has the responsibility of coordinating research and providing the pertinent services.

Building a genuine partnership with industry and community organizations.

Enhancing the process of sustainable development through investing the research and practical experiences of the faculty members and technicians at the faculty,  utilizing their expertise in community services for the benefit of the public, developing their capacities and meeting the challenges facing the industry.

Transparency and credibility, productivity, confidence-building, accountability, teamwork.

1.  Conducting studies and scientific research in the various fields of applied science with an emphasis on the areas of medicine, construction, power and energy, communications and information technology.
2.  Employing the research, scientific and technical expertise in the productive sectors to achieve industrial and economic development.
3.  Developing the industry experience of the faculty members and encouraging them to engage in industry, patent register of their innovations to protect their intellectual property.
4.  Establishing partnerships and cooperation with academic and industrial centers both locally and internationally.
5.  Enhancing the relationship between the university and the community to provide the needed scientific expertise and effective solutions to the problems of the society.
6.  Improving students' skills in serving the industrial sector, on the one hand, and providing training opportunities for them in the industrial sector, on the other hand.
7.  Implementing special research projects (e.g., students' graduation projects) in order to explore and solve problems in the industrial sector.
8.  Establishing a database for researchers, students and the industrial sector to facilitate communication between the relevant parties.
9.  Assisting Faculty of Engineering graduates in their search and in finding job opportunities' and employment.
10. Employing gained knowledge and experience in developing future pedagogical methods and curricula.


*  Providing consultancy services to the industrial sector.
*  Providing advice in patent registration.
*  Carrying out field surveys of enterprises and services in the community.
*  Conducting studies for projects and applied scientific research in the industrial sector. 
*  Investigating industry problems in order to find solutions.
*  Enhancing students' research and communication skills through the implementation of specialized courses, training and graduation projects.

Scientific Sections:
1-  Department of Electrical Engineering
2-  Department of Industrial Engineering
3-  Department of Computer Engineering
4-  Department of Mechanical Engineering
5-  Department of Architecture
6-  Department of Mechatronics
7-  Department of Civil Engineering
8-  Department of Biomedical Engineering

Research Teams:
A scientific section that contains research teams organized by researchers from the different departments of the Faculty of Engineering at the Hashemite University.

Future Projects:
*   Establishing specialized research incubators and technology laboratories.
*   Conducting training programs and workshops.

Targeted Sectors:
Industrial enterprises and services in both the public and private sectors such as companies, factories and banks.


Support Nature:

upporting the unit takes one of the following forms:
1.  Direct support: this includes all the financial resources necessary to implementing studies and solving problems by the service sector.
2.  Indirect support: through the provision of material supplies (e.g., laboratories, tools, software ...etc.,), among other supportive facilities.
3.  Scholarships for Students.
4.  Faculty research scholarships: restricted to  faculty members.

Your support makes all the difference.

A gift to HU Faculty of Engineering is an investment in the future. We are a nationally recognized research institution with faculty members who effectivelly integrate education and research, offering hands-on learning to students as key members of our research teams. To continue to turn out top engineers and pursue transformative research it is imperative that we recruit and retain exceptional faculty members and students. Private support provides the critical difference to enable us to accomplish these goals as we compete against other top universities.

Make checks payable to:
Hashemite University / Faculty of Engineering
Send to:
Hashemite University
Faculty of Engineering
P.O.Box: 150459, Zarqa 13115, Jordan
Attn.: Assistant Dean for Industry Relations
Tel.: (+962-5) 3903333 Ext.: 4334
Fax: (+962-5) 3826348

·   Scientific Day of Engineering  

HU Faculty of engineering conducts an annual Engineering Scientific Day during May. The event includes seminars addressing state-of-the-field pressing issues in Education, Engineering, and Industry; showcases for interested industrial and service companies; and a graduation projects poster exhibition to display the best graduation projects done during the year. Around two hundred students have so far participated in the graduation projects poster exhibition and were on hand to answer the visitors' questions about their research.

·   Open Day with Industry

On this day, the College of Engineering discusses, with the industry representatives a lot of issues related to the needs of their engineers concerning industry, engineering programs, curricula, and ways to improve education at the Hashemite University.

·   Recruitment

HU Faculty of engineering is very recognized in educating engineers for the 21st century, developing the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and corporate as well as civic leaders. Our graduates are ready to make an immediate impact on your company, mostly because they have already gained hands-on, real world experience through our curriculum. Most of our grads are sought after by many companies.

HU Faculty of engineering graduates is highly recruited into engineering and non-engineering fields. Our goal is to facilitate opportunities for companies to access our top quality students. Those venues include Career Fairs. We can help connect you and your company with our students. To discuss your recruiting needs in more detail or to know more about how to advertise at HU Faculty of engineering, please contact  Assistant Dean for Industry Relations.

The faculty of engineering provides the local and the regional community about of 550 graduates yearly in all engineering disciplines. And to facilitate this task for the alumnus and the new graduates as well in obtaining a suitable job and start a successful career, they are asked to fill out this form to be distributed to companies and different industrial sectors through the Science Day at the Faculty of Engineering, as well as in conferences and workshops.