Services provided by the Center

Services provided by the Center
•  offering the education of five clinical modules of communication and consultation skills, physical examination and procedural skills over the first three years of medical school 
•  Hosting and delivering clinical training courses and workshops for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, university and hospital staff and regulating medical bodies such as the Jordanian Medical Council
•  Deliver high-quality standardised practical examinations (OSCEs) for each module completed by medical students over the first three years. The examinations include simulated patient consultations, physical examination assessment and clinical procedural examinations.
•  Facilitate and supervise the clinical OSCEs and oral exams for medical students in their clinical years (last 3 years).  As the CSETC is fully digitalized, this enables videotaping and streaming for remote viewing which allows OSCE examiners to calibrate scoring and monitor students' behaviour during the examinations.

The Clinical Skills Education and Testing Centre is the one of the most modern and comprehensive clinical skills training centre in the region and we look forward to welcoming you.