Bachelor Program in Nursing

Faculty of Nursing 
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's)

By the end of the program, the graduate of B.Sc. in nursing at Hashemite University will be able to: 
SLO 1: Utilize the nursing process to promote health, prevent diseases and provide holistic care of diverse individuals, families, and populations in various health care settings.
SLO 2: Demonstrate competency and safety in providing professional, ethical and evidence based nursing care to individuals, families and populations across life span and health continuum.
SLO 3: Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in clinical decision making, planning, implementing and evaluating evidence based nursing practice.
SLO 4: Apply leadership principles, management skills and quality improvement techniques within the scope of professional practice to ensure quality client-centered care.
SLO 5: Collaborate professionally with individuals, families, communities, and members of the multi-disciplinary health care team to promote health.
SLO 6: Utilize appropriate, cost-effective resources and use information and health care technologies in a variety of health care settings.
SLO7: Demonstrate ability for professional growth, self-development and performance improvement.