Excellence in Education 

Excellence in Education 

To develop world-class health-professional leaders of the future requires excellence throughout their educational journey. The work of the Hashemite University Medical Education Center enables the following objectives to be realized:

1 - Enhancement of the effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment across health-professions degree programs 
2 - Identification and response to the needs of staff and related personnel, in the areas of teaching skills, course or curriculum planning, instructional material design and assessment, to ensure excellence in teaching and use of innovative teaching methods
3 - Provision of mental-health and emotional support to relevant personnel to empower them to become self-aware professionals
4 - Contribution to the formulation of policies and strategies to ensure implementation of educational practices that are supported by best evidence research and theory
5 - Organization of cross-disciplinary educational activities, such as conferences and training workshops



The Medical Education Center is committed to providing:

                Advancement in Research                                     Community Collaboration