Electronic Forms

  • Research account closing from
  • Financial report form for financially supported research
  • Form for research assistant assignment termination
  • Form for researcher change on a financially supported research account
  • Research title modification form for supported research
  • Research assistant payment form
  • Reimbursement of research publication fees
  • Application for borrowing from supported research account
  • Form for research assistant assignment
  • Form for scientific publication reward / research citation
  • Project extension form
  • Transfer of provisions in supported research account
  • Request for scientific research support form
  • Conference participation support form
  • Conference report form

Paper forms

(The following is a list of paper forms, which can be downloaded from the Arabic froms' page )

  • Financial claim form / receipts
  • Payment for borrowed money from supported research account
  • Book writing support request form
  • Book translation support request form
  • Form for scientific publication reward for sponsored postgraduates’ students.
  • Scientific journal reviewer payment form.
  • Vehicle usage allowance form on a supported search account