Practical training

Practical training is a requirement for obtaining a bachelor's degree in engineering, and all the engineering students train for eight continuous weeks (87% of the practical training are conducted during the Summer semester) in the best companies and institutions in Jordan and in the world and in the various engineering fields. The student can perform practical training after finishing 112 credit hours for the new plans for all departments except 130 credit hours for Architectural Engineering; it can be done on any semester but not accompanied with classes except for specific cases as mentioned in the published training requlations. After training period, the student has to submit a report. More details on report writing can be found in the files and links section below.

Practical training aims at enhancing the practical and applied knowledge and communication skills among students, in addition to accessibility to the students to get acquainted with the job market and its requirements and qualifying them for the post-graduation stage. The Faculty of Engineering offers training exchange programs with the Arab universities through the Arab Council for the training of students of Arabic universities, and the exchange offers global training program within IAESTE Germany.

Each year, the Faculty of Engineering prepares accurate lists for the students from various academic departments who wish to train and determine the number of opportunities required. The faculty works to address more than (400) foundation to ensure better training opportunities, according to the needs of students. Also it adopts of the opportunities secured by the students themselves, after making sure that they are compatible with the training conditions. The faculty adopts specific mechanism to oversee and monitor trainees and evaluate their performance through and after the end of the training period, in order to make sure that the training requirements and objectives were accomplished. 

For additional information about the training please refer to the Arabic version of this page.

For offering practical training positions, please contact: 

Assistant Dean for Industrial Affairs and Training

Tel.: (+962-5) 3903333 Ext.: 4334

Fax: (+962-5) 3826348


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