In the presence of a number of faculty deans and members at the Hashemite university, the Deanship of Academic Development and International Outreach organized an induction workshop on networking, international relations, and how to prepare and apply for projects funded by the Erasmus+ Program, by Dr. Amjad Shdeifat, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Human Medicine.


Dr. Shdeifat has indicated that Erasmus+ Phase II projects are open for the period from 2021 - 2027, where he stressed that the proposed projects should focus on partnerships with European universities and institutions. He emphasized that the second phase of Erasmus+ projects focuses on vocational and technical education and academic mobility grants as well as master's scholarships and also include projects focused on supporting young people and encouraging their wishful participation, In addition to projects that contribute to supporting refugees in Jordan, academic mobility programs for faculty members, administrators, and students. Dr. Shdeifat also talked about his experience as the coordinator of the Erasmus+ Family healthcare medicineproject and its importance at the local and international levels.


Professor Mahmoud AL-Smadi, Dean of Academic Development, confirmed that these projects contribute to increasing international networking and enhancing the reputation of the University internationally, in addition to its impact on the University's progress in international rankings, as well as to the development of the local community and the upgrading of the faculty memberscompetencies.


















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