Establishing the first inclusive kindergarten in Jordan at the Hashemite University and obtaining support from UNICEF. 

The faculty members in the department have attended Conferences, seminars and workshops:   
- Attending a workshop entitled Child Protection Online - UNICEF on September 2020
- Participation in the inclusive kindergarten symposium, which was held through the (zoom) technology of the Hashemite University on 2020.

Attending a group of training courses:

- Pregnant and child health (Edraak Foundation) 6/17/2020.
- Introduction to the world of autism (Edraak Foundation) 4-7-2020.
- Introduction to overcoming learning difficulties (Edraak Foundation) 4-5-2020.
- Professional development skills (Edraak Institution) 4-11-2020.
- Principles of scientific research (Edraak Foundation), Amman Arab University 4-6-2020.
- Emotional Intelligence and Society (Edraak Foundation, Digo) 6/15-2020.
- Participation in the discussion of academic dissertations.  
- Participation in a training program entitled (Mashreq Childcare Clinic) from 10/27/2020-24/11/2020. 
- Participation in a scientific symposium entitled (Trauma and Young Children) on 11/12/2020.
- Participation in a training workshop on the use of Microsoft Teams in distance learning on 11/22/2020.
- Participating in a training workshop on using advanced features in Microsoft Teams and Office 365 in distance learning on 11/23/2020.