* Establishing the Quantitative Analysis of Medical Images Lab
This lab is the only one of its kind in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, it has 31 highly accurate computer devices with many advanced programing softwares, in addition to a server. It is currently used to educate students on the new methods used for medical images analysis, and can be turned into the largest research center in this field in a few years by the application of more advanced programs ,and by connecting it with multiple servers in Britain and the United states in addition to local hospitals.

* Purchasing MRI & CT Simulators
These simulators are programs that enable medical imaging students to simulate the MRI and CT devices in hospitals, as they are trained to use them before the actual practical training in hospitals.

* Converting the Conventional radiography clinic to Digital Radiography clinic (DR)

The department updated the imaging system in the clinic and converted it to from conventional to digital radiography(DR), and it is connected directly with the radiation labs ,in order to use the digital images obtained for educating students , and for conducting scientific researches. The DR system eliminated the need for films and developing solutions required to produce the radiographic images ,and it reduced the cost of university spending on such films and solutions. It is also connected with the physicians’ offices in the medical center, to transfer the images directly to their offices for diagnosis. And copies of digital images will be kept in patients files for follow up.

* Preparation of 1127,1128,1148 labs as Research Labs for the Medical Imaging Department
These research labs are the only ones of their kind in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan , they have the Optical spectrum measuring device, the Magnetic resonance measuring device, the laser three- dimensional measuring device, and the Magnetic mixers and electronic scales .