1- Some laboratories and equipment have been updated for teaching purposes
2. A magnetic laboratory is equipped with an advanced system for measuring magnetic properties (Vibrating Sample Magnetometer VSM) operating at different temperatures from room temperature to liquid helium temperature
3. A research laboratory is equipped to measure the properties of nanomaterials
4. Yearly a good number of scientific papers are published by all members of the department in international journals who has impact factor
5. Academic plans and teaching courses are regularly reviewed according to modern scientific developments and updates
6. Their are many participations of faculty members in international conferences and workshops
7. An agreement was signed with Lund University in Sweden to train masters students and to conduct their thesis research in their physics laboratories

Number of conferences attended: 9
Number of research projects that have been supported by the university: 2
Number of research laboratories that have been equipped: 1

Number of research agreements that have been concluded: 2

Number of appointments in the department: 2