د. محمد هياجنه

Lab Director

Dr. Mohammad Hayajneh , Asscociate Professor 

Research Interests: UAVs, UGVs, Multi-robot System, Sensors and Filtring Filtering 

د. محمد ابو ملوح 

أ.د محمد صلاح

أ.د سليمان بني هاني

Dr. Mohammed Abu mallouh, Asscociate Professor

Research Interests: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Robotics 

Prof. Mohammad Salah, Full Professor

Research Interests: Nonlinear Control, Robotic Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Automotive Systems

Prof. Suleiman BaniHani, Full Professor

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Systems