Comprehensive financial knowledge is imperative to the success of any business. The dynamic nature of today's business environment requires extensive financial expertise, critical thinking, and a proactive approach. Accordingly, the Finance and Investment program at the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences meets the global market requirements. During the program, the student will learn about the latest technologies and knowledge in the field of finance. Specifically, the student's skills will be developed in the areas of analysis, critical thinking, and various scientific research that will enable him to improve his ability and financial knowledge. The duration of the program is two years and consists of 33 credit hours that provide a comprehensive set of knowledge, tools, and skills in advanced comprehensive financial literacy. Students are accepted into the master’s Program in Accounting and Finance in two tracks: The thesis track and the number of study hours is 33 hours, of which 9 hours are for the thesis. And the comprehensive track and the number of study hours is (33), and success in this track requires passing the comprehensive exam.