Vision & Mission

Our vision :
 The Department of Internal Medicine and family medicine at the Hashemite University should be a distinguished academic center that contributes to the development of health sciences and provides the best service to the community, distinguished by the quality of its graduates, the quality of its annual scientific research, and the suitability of its training programs to local and international needs.  In addition to updating the study plans in the College of Medicine continuously, in coordination with the faculty, in line with medical and modern developments and new and advanced teaching methods, this will reflect positively on recent graduate students and residents with high specialization to be highly qualified.

Mission :
Training medical students to become qualified to provide health care consistent with the needs through the application of health programs adapted to local needs and the use of the latest possible technologies to provide a patient-centered health service. Carrying out advanced medical and health research that takes into account the medical needs of the community. And also lead, participate and support preventive programs, management protocols and research projects in local and regional communities.

Values :
The Department of Internal Medicine and Family at the Hashemite University seeks to be of distinguished educational, training, research and health rank at the level of the Kingdom and the region.  We seek to provide quality health care, follow-up specialized training, and interact with the local and international medical community. As we are guided by professionalism  and respect, justice/equality, respect for diversity, Teamwork, and promoting the spirit of belonging and loyalty, aligned  with the values of the faculty of medicine at Hashemite University.