Vision & Mission

Department vision:
The Early Childhood Department aspires to be a leader in developing distinct and innovative educational programs and providing qualitative and comprehensive programs in the field of early childhood. It aspires to become an integrated reference for specialized services in the field of early childhood and related fields. The Department also seeks to build effective partnerships with institutions and centers working in the field of early childhood, providing students with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for their professional future and ensure their effective involvement in the labor market and achieve excellence.

 Core values of the department:
The Early Childhood Department seeks to develop and promote a set of basic values, including:

1. Continuous improvement of academic programs: We seek to constantly improve academic programs specialized in the field of early childhood education, and to ensure that they are provided with the highest levels of quality and excellence.
2. Strengthening effective partnerships: We work to enhance effective communication and cooperation with institutions and centers related to the field of early childhood education, with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and integrated educational experience.
3. Flexible response to challenges: We seek to interact flexibly with issues related to early childhood education, to ensure that programs and training are updated in line with modern developments.
4. Empowering and supporting students: We are keen to support and empower the department’s students, and have them participate in making decisions related to their educational experience.
5. Promoting social and professional responsibility: We seek to enhance the social and professional responsibility of our students, and encourage them to contribute to community service.
6. Strengthening the role of the college and university in serving the community: We are working to strengthen the role of Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood and the Hashemite University in serving the community through effective participation in the field of early childhood.
7. Enhancing teamwork: We seek to enhance the team spirit and develop interaction and cooperation among department members to achieve our common goals.