Our BSc in Medical Imaging is one of the oldest taught programs in the country and is held in high regard in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and abroad. It aims at providing the students with both academic and practical content in sufficient details to ensure that, on graduation, they are competent to work as diagnostic technologists within a healthcare team. The B.Sc. in Medical Imaging is awarded after completing 140 credit hours of the university, faculty and department's requirements. Furthermore, the department requirements are divided into five main areas of study;

* Quality control and radiation protection
(Film processing, Quality Control (QC), radiation protection, digital imaging, nuclear medicine, and radiobiology)

* Principles of imaging procedures and diagnostic radiology
(Imaging procedures I, II, III, principles of diagnostic radiology, and patient care)

* Advanced imaging techniques
(Cross-sectional anatomy, Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and quantitative analysis of medical images)

* Allied imaging sciences

* Clinical practicum which takes place in accordance with academic progress to enable students to perform different radiographic examinations and procedures. The clinical practicum takes place in different radiology departments of many hospitals (Al-Bashir, Prince Hamzeh, Al-Zarqa, Royal Medical Services). A timetable is drawn up for students to ensure that the compulsory practical experience is acquired by the end of the program.