The department of Banking and Financial Sciences offers two Bachelor programs in “Banking and Financial Sciences” and “Risk Management and Insurance”, as well as a Master program in “Investment and Finance”.

Risk Management and Insurance major:

The Risk Management and Insurance major is one of the most unique and highly specialized among business majors. It aims to equip the students with adequate knowledge to understand the field of risk management and insurance and professionally work in banking and insurance sectors among many other sectors. Over the course of the program, students are intended to develop a full understanding of the risk management process, insurance products for business, and the operational aspects of insurance companies as financial institutions. This can be achieved through studying a portfolio of world-class courses offered by the program, such as risk management and insurance (1), risk management and insurance (2), risk management in financial institutions, corporate financial management, Life insurance, property and liability insurance, Special topics in risk management and insurance, actuarial studies, marine insurance, takaful insurance, international financial risk management, pensions and employee benefits management, field training, and graduate research course.