Learning out comes

Objectives of the Program

- Preparing learners educationally, academically, technically and technologically in art education.
- Developing artistic taste and aesthetic sense among learners.
- Developing critical, innovative and creative thinking among learners.
- Possessing scientific research skills in art education.
- Awareness of the importance of art education and its impact on society.
- Developing educational values and trends.

Program Outcomes:

- Providing the educational field with specialists in the field of art education and its teaching.
- Creating familiarity with the principles of art education and art history.
- Demonstrating the artistic and aesthetic values in artistic monuments.
- Linking technical knowledge, skills and other branches of knowledge.
- Developing mastery of the foundations of artistic work and its elements.
- Employing appropriate materials, tools, and their alternatives in art education.
- Creating original works of art and crafts using different materials.
- Creating 2D and 3D designs using traditional and digital technologies.
- Employing scientific research skills and critical and creative thinking in art education.
- Linking knowledge to life and issuing aesthetic interpretations and evaluations of visual scenes.
- Employing technology in educational environments and evaluating it.
- Using technical terms in communication.
- Designing, implementing, and evaluating educational situations in art education effectively.
- Adapting to the work environment and communicating effectively with others.
- Forming positive attitudes and educational values towards art education.