The Master’s Program of Management and Development of Tourism and Heritage Sites  was established with its two tracks of thesis and comprehensive exam to be part of the vision that distinguishes Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism and Heritage at the Hashemite University, where it aims to be one of the leading academic institutions that contribute to supplying the labor market with qualified human resources in tourism and heritage fields. The faculty bases its vision on a set of stages related to making tourism and heritage sites play an important role in sustainable development, including the management and development of these sites, their maintenance and preservation, and then creating a distinctive tourism experience, which overall explains having three academic programs to turn such vision into reality.

These Courses are listed as follows: 

  1. Methods of Scientific Research
  1. Advanced Topics in Tourism Industry
  1. Advanced Topics in Tourism and Cultural Sites Management
  1. Advanced Topics in Conservation
  1. Special Topics in Heritage
  1. Advanced Topics in Cultural Tourism and Cultural Heritage Tourism
  1. Presentation of Tourism Sites and Cultural Tourism Sites
  1. Special Topic in Written Heritage
  1. Archaeology of Ancient Civilizations
  1. Museums and Museum's Collection Management
  1. Tourism Economy and Tourism Marketing
  1. Applied Sciences in Conservation
  1. Advanced Topics in Tourism Planning