Community and Mental Health Nursing Department is one of three departments at the Faculty of Nursing, established in the academic year 2005-2006. The department is committed to providing a conducive learning environment and offers courses that would assist students to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary for the preventive and rehabilitative services for clients at risk for mental and community health problems. In addition, it prepares students to act as leaders and managers in a diverse healthcare environment, and promotes students' ability to make appropriate decisions and manage care related to clients’ needs.  

Major emphasis of the department is placed on enhancing leadership and management skills, along with working in teams to understand the structure of various health care systems, use of resources, and types of communication. In addition to developing interventions in promotional, preventive and rehabilitative aspects of care for the following populations: school children, people at work (occupational health), geriatrics (nursing homes), family (home visiting), community assessment, mental health assessment, and individuals who are vulnerable to the mental health disturbances. Emphasis is also placed on the social responsibilities and managerial ethics.