Vision & Mission


Our vision: To pioneer high-quality specialized education in art education sciences at the local, regional and global levels by creating an effective contemporary educational and research environment, and to provide scientific, professional, and cultural services to serve society and develop the aesthetic sense in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution (digital).



Our message: We prepare our students to become art teachers who possess the competencies, skills, and experience necessary to teach art, supporting creatives to become qualified artists in the fields of drawing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, design, and traditional crafts, leading them to compete and establish small projects that suit the needs of the market, contribute to building a knowledge society capable of competing locally and globally, with awareness of the societal needs, the environment, and professional ethics. To do so, we are developing the educational process, solving educational problems, and improving the educational environment through research and preparing programs to continuously develop teachers, and to keep pace with contemporary artistic and technical developments, ensuring quality in education.