Employability - BCs

Fields and locations of work after graduation:
Graduates of the Department of Water and Environmental Management can work in various bodies concerned with water technology and environmental management, as graduates will be able to join work in the following places, for example but not limited to:
Water treatment plants and municipal wastewater treatment plants.
- All factories that own industrial wastewater treatment plants.
- All laboratories that do water analyzes.
- All industries that do water analyzes during the manufacturing processes.
Pharmaceutical and foodstuff factories.
- Governmental agencies, associations and non-profit organizations concerned with managing water resources and preserving the environment.
The authorities concerned with monitoring air pollution and limiting gaseous emissions.
- All local and international entities and companies concerned with the existence of environmental management systems and the application of environmental legislation.
International organizations dealing with environmental policies and climate change.
All schools in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Scientific research centers concerned with the environment and its preservation.