A chemistry degree gives you a broad range of career options that can lead to many different careers across a wide range of sectors

Jobs directly related to chemistry degree include:

  • Industries

Work in most of the industries sector, in different departments such as production, analysis, development, quality and management

Examples of some industries in Jordan

chemical and petrochemical production, such as the industries of fertilizers, detergents, petroleum products, and the field of extractive industries.

pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories

  • Forensic scientist

Work with laboratories involved in the analysis related to criminal investigations and correlate and substantiate evidence

  • Scientific laboratory technician or Academic researcher

Work for private scientific and research laboratories or laboratories that are affiliated with universities or research and educational institutions and others

  • Chemicals sales and marketing

Work in the sales, follow-up and administration departments at institutions that supply chemicals and equipment.

  • Quality control

Work in the field of quality control and assurance in some establishments and factories such as pharmaceutical and cosmetic production establishments

  • Environmental areas

Work in the fields of environmental projects such as pollution monitoring, water and soil analysis laboratories, and the fields of water treatment and purification

  • Education

Work in the field of teaching chemistry and science subjects in private and government schools, educational centers, institutes, and universities.

Work as a Lab supervisor in universities and colleges or as a research assistant in universities and colleges.