Teaching in the department started in 1996 with 21 students majoring in Economics. Since the academic year 2000/2001, students can choose between two majors, either Economics of Financial Economics. In the academic year 2019/2020, the number of students is 415 students, 177 are majored in Economics and 238 are majored in Financial Economics. The number of teaching staff is 12 and expected to become 14 next year.

Programs of economic department lead to the Bachelor degrees of Economics. The primary areas of study are international economics, financial economics, environmental economics, educational economics and Islamic economics. Core requirements include micro, macro, and mathematical, as well as history of economic thought and applied econometrics.

Graduates expected to find jobs in both the private, local and international institutions and the public sector institutions such as research departments, banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, and NGOs… etc.