Lab ID Lab Name Lab Location Lab Supervisor Lab Information Lab  Schedule(current semester)

 IT 104           
 Operating Systems 
Ground Floor  Ms. Manal Maayah                   Lab 104 info  
 IT 105

 Computer Networks 
 and Information  

 Systems Lab

Ground Floor  Ms.Safaa AlHaj Saleh   Lab 105 info  
 IT 106  E-learning Lab Ground Floor  Ms. Majdoleen Hasan Lab 106 info  
 IT 204  Software Engineering 
1st floor  Mr. Rami Altoos Lab 204 info  
 IT 205  Database Lab 1st floor  Ms. Feda'a Masoud Lab 205 info  
 IT 206 Object Oriented and  Visual Programming  Lab 1st floor  Ms. Manar Maayah Lab 206 info  
 IT 304  Multimedia Lab 2nd floor  Ms. Alaa Shdeifat Lab 304 info  
 IT 305  Research & Internet 
2nd floor  Ms. Aisha Zaid Lab 305 info  
 IT 306  Graduation Projects 
2nd floor Ms.Nahla Khatatbeh  Lab 306 info  
 IT 327  Master Students Lab 2nd floor  Ms. Doaa Shdaifat Lab 327 info