Periodical Laboratories Maintainence:

As part of periodical maintainence programs in the Faculty of Science, the gas cylinders in the research and teaching laboratories in the Department of Chemistry were all checked and fastened to walls using steel chains, whereas the fume hoods were maintained and re-painted.


Chemistry Department has several teaching and research labs. The research labs include research areas of different categories.

Instruments include:

• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Analysis: 

Technique for determining the structure of organic compounds, natural products, complex synthetic molecules and inorganic compounds.
  This instrument is suitable for:
   Direct observation of 1H, 13C, 15N ,19F and 31P.(1-D NMR)
 2-D NMR technique to map out the connectivity of the atoms (COSY, DEPT, APT,  HMQC ,HMBC,…etc).
  Instrument model: Bruker 400MHz.


• Elemental Analysis:
Fully automatic instrument for the most exacting determination of C%,H%,N% and S% ,in variety applications such as pure organic samples,organometalic and olymers.
Instrument model: EA3000 Euro Vector.

• ICP:

• Thermal Analysis:
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Thermal Gravimetry (TG)
It is a technique used to measure thermal properties of polymers like melting points, enthalpies of melting, the glass transition temperature, crystallisation temperature,  degradation temperature, mass loss% and onset temperature.
Instrument model:  NETZCH STA 409 PC
• FTIR (characterization of organic and inorganic compounds)

• Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer (analysis of metal ions)

• Uv-vis spectrophotometers (used for both teaching and research to analyze absorbing species)

• HPLC (chromatographic separation and analysis)
• GC (chromatographic separation and analysis)

• Diode-Array spectrophotometer (analysis, thermodynamic and kinetic studies of uv-vis absorbing species)
• Stopped-Flow spectrophotometer (measuring the rates of reactions)

• Potentiostat (electrochemical analysis)

• Magnetic Susceptibility balance (measuring the magnetic moments of paramagnetic species)

- Supervisor: Dr. Ahmad Abu-Shamleh

• Automated Solid phase extractant (detection of trace levels of pollutants)
• Water bath circulators (controlling the temperature)
• Other simple instruments used for teaching and research like shakers, auto-titrator, conductivity meters, etc...)

New Instruments in Mousa Al-Noaimi lab include:  (photos)

  1. stainless steel high-pressure reactor (Reactor 4545) provided with a Waltow-945 control unit through in which the temperature and stirring rate can be controlled
  2. Gas chromatography with flame ionization and thermal conductivity detector (GC-FIDTCD)
  3. UV-Vis-NIR It requires only one detector to extend that performance into the NIR. (175– 3300 nm)
  4. Automated flash chromatography
  5. Potentiostate supported with impedance spectroscopy setup
  6. Spectrolectochemistry cell setup supported with fiber optics tools
  7. Aventus Uv-visible for rection progress