Historical Overview

The Bachelor program, “Teacher in the Field of Art Education,” was created in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching by the faculty of Educational Sciences, at the stage of what was, at that time, called the “Field Teacher,” as proposed in the educational development plan, and in light of the recommendation of the Ministry of Higher Education to stop admission to the specializations of the field teacher in public universities. In 2001, the specialization was frozen, which continued until the academic year 2005-2006, when the faculty of Educational Sciences created the specialization of Art Education Teacher in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and had it duly approved by the relevant authorities. The specialization continued to fluctuate between acceptance and freezing for various reasons until the year 2022/2023, when the decision was made to establish the Department of Art Education with its basic program.
Thanks go to God and the efforts of the specialists, faculty, administration, and Hashemite University. Because of their conviction of the importance of art education and its positive impact on preparing the individual and building society, and their effort to keep pace with everything new in the sciences of art education at the level of local and regional universities, we are able to offer students this degree.
The Department of Art Education was established in the College of Educational Sciences in the academic year 2022-2023, and it is the first department with this title and specialization among all Jordanian universities. In this initial establishment phase, we grant a bachelor’s degree for art education teachers; meanwhile, we also seek to develop more programs in the sciences of art education as well as in the specializations of visual arts and design at the bachelor’s degree and postgraduate levels. We seek to advance scientific research, and our aspiration is to develop artistic taste and aesthetic sense at Hashemite University.