Research Areas

Prof. Murad Al_Holy

Food Microbiology and Safety

Prof. Mahmoud Abu Ghoush

Food Chemistry, Product Development, Functional foods, Value added, Food Safety.

Prof. Suhad Abu_Mweis

Nutrition and blood cholesterol concentrations, Functional foods for cardiovascular disease , Lipid metabolism , Phytosterol (Plant sterols) , Evidence-based nutrition , and Systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Dr. Huda Al Hourani

  • Prevalence of overweight and obesity among different age groups especially children and adolescents; it aims at highlighting the risk factors and finds the appropriate dietary intervention program
  • Prevalence of diabetes and associated risk factors among children and adult

Dr. Amin Olimat

  • Risk analysis and studying the microbial quality and safety of traditional foods.
  • The development, use and evaluation of natural antimicrobials to enhance the safety and extend the shelf-life of foods.
  • Studying the mechanism of action and resistance of natural antimicrobials and antibiotics.
  • Development of active packaging materials to improve the quality and safety of foods.
  • Use of lactic acid bacteria as biological control agents to inhibit a wide range of spoilage and foodborne pathogens
  • Bacterial stress response in food environment and its impact on the irradiation and thermal inactivation of foodborne pathogens.
  • Development of functional products and study the sensory characteristics.

Dr. Nermeen El-Awaad

Functional food, Obesity and nutrition, CVD and nutrition, Cancer and nutrition, Pediatrics clinical nutrition, and Sport nutrition. 

Mrs. Islam Al-Shami

  • Prevalence of Metabolic syndrome and its associated chronic diseases
  • Predictors of risky eating habits among young Jordanians